• Identifying New Revenue Streams

    Independent pharmacies can benefit from identifying new revenue streams to increase profitability and remain competitive in the industry. Whether you are looking to enhance your pharmacy's med sync program, implement point of care testing or establish adherence packaging, we have you covered.

    Services to enhance your pharmacy's revenue 
  • Developing Marketing Strategies

    Developing effective marketing strategies is essential for independent pharmacies to increase visibility, attract new patients and retain existing ones.

    We have a marketing specialist on staff who can provide you with as basic or complex material as you desire.

    Let us take the pressure off of your shoulders!

  • Enhancing Patient Care

    Independent pharmacies can differentiate themselves from competitors by offering high-quality patient care. By providing an array of services we can help you build, your pharmacy will improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and build loyalty.

    Enhance Patient Care 
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The faces behind ElevateRx

With a combined 40+ years in the industry, our team is ready to take on any of the challenges in the industry. Each of our team members brings a unique skillset to cover your stores needs.

Owner + CEO

Tim Mitchell, RPh

Tim has over 30 years of experience and over 20 years of experience as a business owner. His specialties include consulitng on business development and business models, business operations, community partnerships and engagement and practice transformation. Tim has successfully led the implementation of the following: multi-location advanced independent community pharmacies, LTC pharmacies, high volume adherence packaging teams, central filling operations, 340B contracting and inventory management, maximizing funding to partner with an FQHC or rural health clinic, and durable medical equipment among his very active role as an owner and patient advocate.

Director of pharmacy clinical services

Lacy Epperson, PharmD

Lacy specializes in clinical development and practice management with experience in various practice settings including advanced community pharmacy practice, LTC staffing and consulting and specialty pharmacy training. Lacy has devoted many years to creating a robust medication synchronization program and has developed a passion for other clinical services including point of care testing programs, advanced Technician and Community Health Worker training programs, DSME programs and Pharmacogenomics. She has a desire to adapt her practice to implement services that generate revenue and stay at the forefront of community pharmacy practices and patient care.

Director of innovative solutions

Tanner Mitchell, PharmD

Tanner specializes in maximizing efficiencies in workflow and uses his innovative mindset to guide these changes. Tanner also has a technology-savvy skillset to help businesses with marketing and promotions that have enhanced his current practice to reach patients of different demographics. Among these endeavors, Tanner has also charged a Medical at Home Initiative that has revolutionized the current reimbursement model that most pharmacies are struggling with. Additionally, Tanner has recently acquired experience as an owner and operator of opening Mitchell's Cost Plus Pharmacy. He utilizes his many versatile trainings to find alternative practice models to sustain independent pharmacy practice.